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This newsgroup (comp.lang.python) may soon be blocked by Google Gro

On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 12:50:16 AM UTC-8, Tim Golden wrote:

[snip and rearrange]

> So dropping GG altogether would probably not add very much, as we're 
> generally blocking undesirable posts from there and we'd rather not 
> block genuine posts which happen to be made through the relative 
> convenience of the GG interface.

I thank you for this point of view.  I am using Google Groups.  I migrated here back in the days of Deja News.  I don't like having mailing lists streaming into my inbox, having to hunt around to unsubscribe.  I want a newsreader with integrated posting capability which is separate from my inbox.

> Gmane offers a newsgroup interface to the mailing list

I haven't visited GMane in a few years, but I found it difficult to navigate.  In particular, I found searching to be cumbersome.  Weren't the archives broken into 30-day blocks?

I just tried GMane again two minutes ago.  I can't confirm my recollections, but right now what I'm seeing is worse.  If you follow this link right now... (http://gmane.org/find.php?list=comp.lang.python)... you get this:

"Not all of Gmane is back yet - We're working hard to restore everything"

And if you follow the link labeled "The latest news is at Gmane News" at the bottom of that page, it takes you here... (http://home.gmane.org/)... and the top blog post discussing site repairs is dated September 2016!

I'm not too excited about trying GMane again after seeing that.

One final thought: although Google is not the Python community, there are a lot of shared interests and overlap.  Google sponsored and employed Guido for years.  The most popular Tensorflow API is the Python API.  

Can't this relationship be used to ask Google to get more serious about the spam problem that originates in their domain, but that people in this discussion think they will hold against comp.lang.python?  Alternately, how about giving Google Groups users killfiles and/or the same Spambayes filter tools that are already used on GMail inboxes?