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This newsgroup (comp.lang.python) may soon be blocked by Google Gro

On Thu, 08 Feb 2018 23:40:57 +0000, Mark Lawrence wrote:

> I don't see any spam in my inbox as I read on gmane, I'm pointing out
> the disgraceful state of gg and why it should be dropped as it's less
> than useless.

Who is it that you think should "drop" Google Groups?

If you mean individual people, it is their choice to use GG or not. I 
understand why some people might choose to use GG in general: it gives a 
reasonably discoverable web interface to Usenet.

Many people don't have access to Usenet, or even know it exists, so using 
GG is an obvious (if sub-par) alternative. (My own ISP appears to have 
dropped Usenet access, *yet again*. Each time they do so, there are 
enough complaints that they bring it back, but they simply don't stop 

If you mean that the PSF should drop GG, that's not the PSF's choice to 
make. They don't send data specifically to GG and they can't shut off the 
pipe except by shutting it down for *everyone*. Google simply collects 
the data and mirrors it. The only one who can stop that is Google