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Packaging uwsgi flask app for non-programmers?

I have been working on writing an Alexa skill which, as part of it, requires a local web server on the end users machine - the Alexa skill sends commands to this server, which runs them on the local machine. I wrote this local server in Flask, and run it using uwsgi, using a command like: "uwsgi serverconfig.ini".

The problem is that in order for this to work, the end user must:

1) Install python 3.6 (or thereabouts)
2) Install a number of python modules, and
3) run a command line (from the appropriate directory)

Not terribly difficult, but when I think of my target audience (Alexa users), I could easily see even these steps being "too complicated". I was looking at pyinstaller to create a simple double-click application, but it appears that pyinstaller needs a python script as the "base" for the application, whereas my "base" is uwsgi. Also, I do need to leave a config file accessible for the end user to be able to edit. Is there a way to use pyinstaller in this scenario, or perhaps some other option that might work better to package things up?
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