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3.6.4 IDLE

On 2018-02-04 21:09, Rob Alspach wrote:
> Hi Everybody! I just installed python 3.6.4 it was a fresh install (no
> former versions). I have never used python but have some IS background. The
> videos I am seeing online all show the IDE / IDLE; however, it does not
> install for me. I am installing from the download
> python-3.6.4-embed-amd64.zip. I am running windows 10. I also have Oracle
> on this laptop.
> The file does not have an installer and also does not write to the file
> path. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the problem remains. I can
> update the path no problem but where can I get the IDLE / IDE to follow
> along with the videos on youtube? I am using notepad currently but have no
> way to execute any files I write. If I save a file in notepad and open
> through python the python window terminates when the operation is complete
> (much to fast for these old eyes).
python-3.6.4-embed-amd64.zip is for "embedded, small or minimal hardware 
devices". I think you probably don't want that one!

I always use the "executable installer".