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This newsgroup (comp.lang.python) may soon be blocked by Google Groups

On Sun, 04 Feb 2018 06:49:57 +1100, Chris Angelico wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 6:34 AM, Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On 03/02/18 17:56, Peter J. Holzer wrote:
>>> You seem to confuse the mailing-list and the newsgroup. The
>>> mailing-list doesn't have a spam problem, and it is already (lightly)
>>> moderated.
>>> The newsgroup does have a spam problem (as well as a few other
>>> problems, like gmane mangling message-ids and breaking threads).
>>> Google groups is an interface to the newsgroup.
>>> There is a bi-directional gateway between them, but they aren't the
>>> same thing.
>>>          hp
>> No, they are one and the same thing, except that this is automatically
>> blocked by the numpty moderators, whereas some things that I state on
>> gg are passed, other things aren't.  It is quite clear that the
>> moderators are biased against people such as myself who are autistic
> No, the moderators are biased against people who are constantly rude.
> Did you know that, autistic or not, you have the power to choose the
> tone of the words you type?

How about people with Tourette's Syndrome and a hair-trigger "Send" 


Seriously though, Mark, the newsgroup and the mailing list aren't the 
same thing. They use different technology, they're run by different 
organisations, and they have different moderators (actual people 
moderating the mailing list, nobody moderating the newsgroup). You can 
see from the detailed message headers which messages reach you directly 
via the newsgroup and which have come through the mailing list, or vice 

With a little care, you can even ensure that a message goes to the 
newgroup but not the mailing list, although I'm not sure if you can do it 
the other way.