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This newsgroup (comp.lang.python) may soon be blocked by Google Groups

On 2018-02-03 04:33:36 -0800, breamoreboy at gmail.com wrote:
> On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 5:01:58 PM UTC, superchromix wrote:
> > Our own programming discussion newsgroup, located at
> > comp.lang.idl-pvwave, started receiving spam messages several months
> > ago.
> > 
> > Two weeks ago, access to comp.lang.idl-pvwave was blocked by Google
> > Groups.  
> > Seeing the spam postings in this newsgroup, I expect something
> > similar may happen to comp.lang.python, soon.
> That's no big deal as this list used to have a wonderful signal to
> noise ratio, now it would be better to report the noise to signal
> ratio.  I've just finished flagging up 45 consecutive messages on the
> group as spam, all of them from today and all of them from the "Case
> Solutions" crew.
> The downside of this list being blocked is that you'd all no doubt
> miss my wonderful contributions :)  Unless of course a new list is
> opened, properly moderated, with a really original name like
> python-users.

You seem to confuse the mailing-list and the newsgroup. The mailing-list
doesn't have a spam problem, and it is already (lightly) moderated.

The newsgroup does have a spam problem (as well as a few other problems,
like gmane mangling message-ids and breaking threads). Google groups is
an interface to the newsgroup.

There is a bi-directional gateway between them, but they aren't the same


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