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Where has the practice of sending screen shots as source code come from?

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 6:28 PM, Gilmeh Serda
<gilmeh.serdah at nothing.here.invalid> wrote:
> M$'s excuse for a real Terminal, "Power" Shell (sigh), is _slightly_
> better but still lacking lots of features. Like a decent scripting
> language. I loath VBS. ??,,, /puke

PowerShell is a .NET scripting language that's available in Windows,
Linux, and MacOS. VBScript is an unrelated scripting language that was
more commonly used on Windows before PowerShell came along. On
Windows, powershell.exe either allocates a console or inherits one
from its parent.

The Windows console adapts the message-based desktop environment to
support command-line applications. It provides an input stream with
keyboard and mouse records, and screen buffers that support UCS-2 and
a 16-color palette. In Windows 10, it also functions as a virtual
terminal with 24-bit color.

In Windows 7 and up, each console is hosted by a separate instance of
conhost.exe. Previously, NT systems hosted consoles in the system
process, csrss.exe.

In Windows 8 and up, the console API uses the ConDrv device for IPC
with an attached console. Previously, NT systems used LPC ports and
shared memory for this.

In Windows 9x, the console window was hosted by conagent.exe, and the
API used the VCOND device for IPC.

Despite the ever-changing implementation details, the console API
itself has been relatively stable for about 25 years.

> It does have mouse selection (but still treats the text as a block of
> characters, like a DOS box, and not lines of text, like Terminal)

In Windows 10, the console uses line-wrapping selection by default,
and rectangle selection requires holding ALT.