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What is django-hotsauce?

About Django-hotsauce:

Scalable and high-performance WSGI microframework on top of Django and 
others: Django-hotsauce is the ultimate web development toolkit for 
rogue Python hackers and chronic weed users looking to build porn web 
sites in your mama basement! :)

Typically used for advanced training of slackers, hackers, and 
unemployed people bored with life and looking to learn Schevo DBMS on 
PyPy. :)

I think django-hotsauce is a great Python library for 
research/educational and experimental purpose.

In specific, it is interesting to break Django ORM and use ZODB to 
develop your own models api...

Anyways, have fun hacking django-hotsauce with PyPy.

Hacking life is essential to happiness... :)

Pragmatic hackers love to learn rogue ways to exploit Django api with 
JIT and PyPy. ;)



Etienne Robillard
tkadm30 at yandex.com