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auto-correct a speech-to-text output and relate to of the words based on syllables

On Fri, 02 Feb 2018 08:14:03 +0100, dieter wrote:

>> The user speaks "Light". The system translates it as "Bright" The user
>> speaks "White" The system translates it as "Bright"
> As those words are phonetically quite apart (they have very different
> first consonants), some step in your processing chain does something
> seriously wrong.

I disagree: Light, Bright and White sound very similar. They're identical 
except for the first consonant:


and even those consonants sound very similar. Human beings can easily 
mishear or fail to distinguish between those words, e.g.:



(the name of the song is *Whiter* Shade of Pale, not "Lighter" or 
"Brighter"). We should not assume that the first consonant is always 

Of course we would hope that a speech-to-text system would correctly 
match Light/Bright/White/Fright/etc but given the vagaries of human 
accents and pronunciation, we shouldn't be surprised if it sometimes gets 
them wrong.