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auto-correct a speech-to-text output and relate to of the words based on syllables

naveen at emagevisionpl.com writes:

> I have to make an application in which, 
> The user asks a question, Google's API is used to convert the speech to text. But the problem is due to different accent the translator misunderstands the words. 
> I want my application to guess the word to the nearest word spoken by the user. 
> ...
> But sometimes for more than a word it makes the same guess.
> example:
> The user speaks "Light". The system translates it as "Bright"
> The user speaks "White" The system translates it as "Bright"

As those words are phonetically quite apart (they have
very different first consonants), some step in your
processing chain does something seriously wrong.
First thing to do: identify the responsible step. After that,
one can try to find a way to improve on it.