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Trace back error just trying to run a simple import of requests

On 02Feb2018 02:01, William Sewell <william.sewell at wgu.edu> wrote:
>It is allright.  I just cannot account for the sudden change.  In my usual path everything worked fine.  Now, I have to navigate to where the Python executable, even though I have added the path to the Windows path.

Unfortunately I'm not an expert in how Python works on Windows; I gather it is 
rather different an experience from my usual UNIX environment.

I would guess that the requests module is not installed in a place in your 
normal Python's sys.path, but because the current directory is normally a part 
of that, navigating to the Python install area makes the module findable.

You should be able to make it work anywhere with the right Python path setting.  
Hopefully a Windows person can assist with the specifics.

>Please close my case.

This is a mailing list! There's no ticket :-) Just idle people prepared to 

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>On 01Feb2018 20:26, William Sewell <william.sewell at wgu.edu> wrote:
>>My python script which I run daily just blew up.  So, I went into python to diagnose and just typed in the first line - import requests.  I received screenfulls of errors.  Why?  What could have happened when nothing changed on my end?  The traceback is copied below.
>>[cid:image001.png at 01D39B71.014E8850]
>Please followup to the list with a cut/paste of the error text. This list is text only and strips attachments as an aid to readability.
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