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Trace back error just trying to run a simple import of requests

On Thu, 01 Feb 2018 20:26:20 +0000, William Sewell wrote:

> My python script which I run daily just blew up.  So, I went into python
> to diagnose and just typed in the first line - import requests.  I
> received screenfulls of errors.  Why?  What could have happened when
> nothing changed on my end?  

Ah, the infamous "nothing changed, now things have changed!" error.

Computers are deterministic, so something has changed. We may be able to 
help you find out what.

> The traceback is copied below.

If by chance you attached it as a screen shot, please don't:

- screen shots of text are discriminatory against programmers who
  are visually impaired or blind;

- they're also counter-productive, as we don't edit our code with
  photoshop; being able to edit copied text is important;

and most importantly:

- this mailing list is *text only* and blocks all non-text attachments
  (which are nearly always spam and malware), so it can't get through
  to us.

Please copy and paste the text of the traceback and include it in the 
body of your reply (to the list, not to me personally).

If for some reason you genuinely cannot copy the text, which I doubt as 
even Windows supports copy and paste, and you don't mind discriminating 
against the visually impaired, then you can upload the screen shot to an 
image hosting site (one without intrusive ads and malware!) and post the 
URL here. The only one I would use is imgur.

Good luck.