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Dependency injection: overriding defaults

Victor Porton <porton at narod.ru> writes:

> dieter wrote:
>> Victor Porton <porton at narod.ru> writes:
>>> I am writing a library, a command line utility which uses the library,
>>> and a I am going to use dependency_injector package.
>>> Consider loggers:
>>> For the core library the logger should default to stderr.
>>> For the command line utility, we use the default logger of the library.
>>> For the server, the log should go to a file (not to stderr).
>>> Question: How to profoundly make my software to use the appropriate
>>> logger, dependently on whether it is a command line utility or the
>>> daemon?
>> I would distinguish between the common library and distinct
>> applications (command line utility, daemon). The applications
>> configure the logging system (differently) while the library uses
>> uniform logging calls.
> You have essentially just repeated my requirements.
> But HOW to do this (using dependency_injector module)?

No idea how dependency_injector affects this, but have you read the
logging howto? The section
would be appropriate.