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Problem with coroutines old-style / new-style usage and features

Hi guys.

I am discovering coroutines and asynchronous programming, and I have a little problem with a little example I'm coding myself as an excercice.

Let say you take two guys in the street: Dave and Bryan.
You ask dave to count from 1 to 50, 1 by 1. He will do it fast.
And you ask Bryan to count from 208 to 166 in reversing order, 7 by 7! It will take him some time between each number to think about it.

Now I have a recorder wich is able to recognize voices. I use it to record both of them counting at the same time.

Here is the recorder:

def recorder():
    dialog = []
    while True:
        sent = yield dialog
        if sent is not None:
            name, things = sent
            dialog.append(f'{name} says : {things}')

It is storing the dialog, and you can ask him fot it later by sending None to it.

For the calculation, I'm using a ascyn generator:

async def calcul_mental(range_args, name, timeout=0.2):
    for i in range(*range_args):
        await asyncio.sleep(timeout)
        yield name, i

To link the two, I came up with this little coroutine:

async def record(recorder, gen):
    async for name, i in gen:
        recorder.send([name, i])

And my main:

def main():

    g1 = calcul_mental([1, 51],

    g2 = calcul_mental([208, 165, -7],

    r = recorder()

    coros = asyncio.gather(record(r, g1), record(r, g2))
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

    dialog = r.send(None)
    for line in dialog:

It works well, but I was wondering if I could turn recorder into a new style coroutine...

The problems are:
- I can't await for an async generator;
- I can't let an await alone to send data to it;
- I can't turn it into an AsyncGenerator because it will lost the .send() method.

I think it's just a problem of design, but I wasn't able to solve it myself.

Any thoughts about it?