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detect laptop open/close from within Python?

On 26/04/18 17:37, Skip Montanaro wrote:
> I'm going through a bout of RSI problems with my wrists, so klst night
> I refreshed an old typing watcher program I wrote a couple decades ago
> (there's a comment about Python 1.4 in the code!):
> https://github.com/smontanaro/python-bits/blob/master/watch.py
> It's far from perfect and I'm sure miles behind more modern stuff, but
> it does the trick for me.
> I noticed a feww minutes ago that when I opened my laptop it
> immediately locked the screen. It would be nice to get notified of
> open/close events on the laptop. Any idea if there is a signal I can
> catch (Ubuntu 17.10) or a Tk event I can respond to?

I think there's a dbus event that you should be able to listen for (but
I'll let you do the googling as to what that event is, exactly)