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Minmax tictactoe :c Cannot understand why this does not work

On 24/04/2018 23:57, fifii.geral at gmail.com wrote:

> 	movimientos = []
> 	for i in range (n):
> 		for j in range (n):
> 	auxb = 0
> 	return movimientos[auxb]

What do you mean by 'does not work'?

With input of fila=1, and columna=1, I get an error in the last line 
above. Because movimientos is an empty list, but you are accessing the 
first element as movimientos[0], because auxb is zero.

I don't understand your program (the layout is fine BTW), but you need 
to debug the logic of it. (Being recursive doesn't help.)

Is an empty movimientos allowed at this point or not? Is auxb==0 a legal 
index here or not?

(Tip: I used these lines in the input loop to simply testing rather than 
having to type them in (as 2 and 2) each time:

     fila = 1
     columna = 1