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Issue with python365.chm on window 7

Thank you, feels good to be back.

Since the picture won't go through let me explain the I see

The file at

Loads up into a window help container. Looks normal
but if if I try to click on one of the index branches on the left hand 
side, nothing appears in the right pane.

From:   Ethan Furman <ethan at stoneleaf.us>
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Date:   04/24/2018 11:31 AM
Subject:        Re: Issue with python365.chm on window 7
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On 04/24/2018 07:15 AM, Brian Gibbemeyer wrote:

> I found that Python speaks to the rest api....therefore I get to code 
> python. I haven't touched python in 14 years.

Welcome back!  :)

> Normally I do not respond to these types of responses. Due to the power 
> relative anonymity on the internet, it just escalates out of control
> quickly and is usually not constructive.

Hopefully Bob was just having a bad day.  I know it's happened to me. 
Thank you for your respectful reply.

> But if the list would have posted the graphic that I attached to the
> original email it would have more self explanatory

This is a text-only mailing list, not a web forum.  Graphics are stripped.

> Bob if you can go to

> And download the help file
>   I have link below.

> See if you can open that up and report back.

Downloaded, opened:  I see the topics on the left, but the main frame is 
empty; it stays empty no matter which topic I 
click on.

Windows  7 Pro, Service Pack 1
Windows 10 Pro