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Issue with python365.chm on window 7

On Monday, April 23, 2018 at 7:38:04 PM UTC-3, Terry Reedy wrote:
> I installed python.org 64-bit 3.6.5 on Win 10 with the .exe installer.
> I run it by clicking on Python 3.6 => Python 3.6 Manuals in the Win10 
> version of what was Start Menu.  The icon is a notebook page with 
> question mark.  Window like it has for over a decade, with sidebar on left.
> If anyone else has 3.6.5 (the latest 3.6) on Win 7, what to you see?

I did the same, and see the same, as Terry.  I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise.

  Steve J. Martin