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please test the new PyPI (now in beta)

On 2018-03-27, Chris Angelico <rosuav at gmail.com> wrote:
> Any time you see something that requires JavaScript for this, you know
> you've found a web site that dates back to... uhh, actually I don't
> know. I only have versioning info on MDN back as far as HTML 4.01 ergo
> 1999, and the placeholder attribute is there. Of course, that doesn't
> mean everyone *used* it, but it was certainly available.

'placeholder' was most certainly not in HTML 4 - it was an HTML 5
addition (i.e. it was standardised in 2014). Browser support arrived
mainly in 2011/2012, so if a web site is 5 years old it probably could
not have relied on this feature.