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Call by binding [was Re: [Tutor] beginning to code]

On 2017-09-25, Steve D'Aprano <steve+python at pearwood.info> wrote:
> So I believe that either "call by binding" or "call by
> assignment" could both equally apply to any and all languages
> with function parameters, regardless of implementation or the
> language's defined semantics.

I disagree on C++ where there's a keen difference between
assignment and initialization, but I think I get what you mean,

If the objection is that "call by assignment" is just
passing-the-buck, I won't argue with that.

The quest to find a succinct way to categorize Python's argument
passing for non-Python programmers strikes me as a sincere effort
to to simplify something that just isn't simple. If calling it,
"pass by assignment," is admitting defeat, then so be it.

Neil Cerutti