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On Mon, 25 Sep 2017 10:03 am, Stefan Ram wrote:

>   What's the difference between ?builtins? and ?_sitebuiltins??
> |>>> type.__module__
> |'builtins'
> |
> |>>> help.__module__
> |'_sitebuiltins'
>   I mean the semantic difference. Why are some entities placed
>   into ?builtins? and some into ?_sitebuiltins??

Read the source. The _sitebuiltins module says:

  The objects used by the site module to add custom builtins.

  # Those objects are almost immortal and they keep a reference to their module
  # globals.  Defining them in the site module would keep too many references
  # alive.
  # Note this means this module should also avoid keep things alive in its
  # globals.

Historically, the content of _sitebuiltins.py used to be in site.py. So it's
just an implementation detail: site.py was refactored to keep long-lasting
objects separate from those that are ephemeral.

`builtins` is the official public name of the built-in namespace. In Python 2,
it was unfortunately called __builtin__.

Unfortunately there is also a __builtins__ name, which is a private, CPython
implementation detail. Ignore it.

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