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[Tutor] beginning to code

Mark Lawrence wrote:
> [...] 
> I have no interest it what the C++ does, looks like or
> anything else. All I'm bothered about is that two highly
> respected members of the Python community have stated quite
> clearly that Python is call by object.  Many other people
> have stated the same in this thread or previously, yet
> still people who know squat about Python continue to debate
> the subject.  Why waste effort going over old ground?  Is
> it completely impossible for people to step outside of
> their world of pass by value or pass by reference?

This is one of those rare times when i agree with Mark (and
excuse me for a sec whilst i pinch myself...).

These pissing contests over how values are passed in Python
are totally irrelevant. What does it matter? Nothing will be
gained or lost by arguing over which is true, or not. Unless
the distinction is preventing you from doing something that
you'd like to do, or unless you want to argue that one
"value passing method" would bring X, Y or Z benefits over
the other, what does it matter?

It's like arguing that red lights should be green and green
lights should be red. What are the pros and cons of such
change? IOW, the argument lacks _substance_.

If you're going to argue. At least do it correctly. And try
to make the battle at least _slightly_ entertaining. Folks,
there is reason why flag football never became as popular as
its full-contact sister.