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[Tutor] beginning to code

On Fri, 22 Sep 2017 07:53 pm, Bill wrote:

> Marko Rauhamaa wrote:
>> Bill <BILL_NOSPAM at whoknows.net>:
>>> I figure that, internally, an address, a pointer, is being passed by
>>> value to implement pass by reference. Why do you say "they are right"
>>> above? Are you saying it's not pass by reference?
> Thank you for your examples.  I studied them carefully (and I'm not
> through with them yet).
> I just wanted to mention that my comment was made in the context that
> Python is implemented by an interpreter written in C.   I realize that
> this may not always be the case.  However, I haven't heard anyone
> mention a Python interpreter written in Python yet.

I don't see what the implementation language has to do with anything (except
perhaps performance). You can implement any language in any other language,
with greater or less difficulty, but its still possible.

CPython is written in C, as is Stackless.

Jython is written in Java.

IronPython is written in C# for .Net.

PyPy is written in a custom version of Python, RPython.

Nuitka is written in C++.

CLPython is written in Lisp.

Berp and Hope are written in Haskell.

Skulpt is written in Javascript.

Vyper was a really old implementation written in OCaml, apparently now lost and
no longer visible on the internet.

Some of these may been no longer supported, but the Big Four python
implementations are CPython, Jython, IronPython and PyPy.

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