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Even Older Man Yells At Whippersnappers

On 2017-09-19, Christopher Reimer <christopher_reimer at icloud.com> wrote:

> Is assembly still a thing today? 

Depends on what you're doing.  If you're working with custom-designed
boards, you often have to write some assembly for startup and
interrupt stuff.  If you're porting an OS kernel to a new
architecture, you have to write some assembly.

> I wanted to take assembly in college but I was the only student who
> showed up and the class got cancelled. I dabbled with 8-but assembly
> as a kid. I can't imagine what assembly is on a 64-bit processor.

On a decent processor (ARM, Power, SPARC) it's fine (in some wasy
simpler and easier than on many 8-bit processors).  On x86_64 it's a
mess -- just like it was a mess on x86 (and to a large extent on

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