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Even Older Man Yells at Whippersnappers

On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 1:38 PM, ROGER GRAYDON CHRISTMAN <dvl at psu.edu> wrote:
>  I recall giving a quiz to my college students sometime back around
> the late nineties which had a little bit of arithmetic involved in the answer.
> It's been too long ago to still have the exact details, but I remember
> a couple solutions that would be of the form:
> 5 + 10 + 1*2
> And then the student would write he was unable to actually
> compute that without a calculator.   And yes, I deliberately
> designed the questions to have such easy numbers to work with.

It was my birthday the other day. People at worked asked how old I
was. I replied:


Quite a few people somehow came up with 47. And these are technical people.