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Old Man Yells At Cloud

On 19 Sep 2017, at 13:01, bartc wrote:

> My bill in a store came to ?3.20 (GBP3.20), so I handed over ?10.20.
> I was given back ?16.90 in change!
> It turned out the cashier had entered ?20.10 as the amount tendered. 
> It was sorted out in the end.
> Sometimes its easier not to be bother making the figures come out 
> better.

My father & mother worked in a grocery shop ... pre-electronic version, 
and to make things faster during the checkout they summarised some of 
things in their head so they only had to enter it once, for example 7 
liter of milk + 1 cream. I must say they were VERY VERY good in 
calculating +/-/* in their heads.

As a kid I learned to do it to some degree but nowhere close to them.

And I'm amazed how often I see people trying to calculate

     change = sum handed over - cost

and then trying to figure out what bills/coins should be returned 
instead of doing the simple thing of just adding to the cost.

= jem