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Old Man Yells At Cloud

On 19/09/2017 11:46, Larry Martell wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 11:23 PM, Dan Sommers <dan at tombstonezero.net> wrote:
>> How relevant is the "people use calculators to do arithmetic" argument
>> today?  Okay, so I'm old and cynical, but I know [young] people who
>> don't (can't?) calculate a gratuity without an app or a web page.
> I use a calculator all the time - not for calculating a tip though.
> Sometimes I use bc (when I can't find my calculator in the morass of
> my desk).
> True story - the other day I was in a store and my total was $10.12. I
> pulled out a $20, and the cashier (probably age 23 or so) immediately
> entered $20 as the amount tendered. Then I said "Let me see if I have
> the $0.12." I did not, but I had $0.15 so I handed her $20.15. She
> literally froze in place with a classic deer in the headlights stare.
> I said "$10.03" She said "What?" I said "$10.03 is my change." She
> said "What?" I said "Just give me $10." She did not reply, opened the
> drawer below her register, rummaged around and came out with one of
> those giant key calculators, and with a look of dogged determination,
> did the calculation, looked at me and said proudly "$10.03 is your
> change."

My bill in a store came to ?3.20 (GBP3.20), so I handed over ?10.20.

I was given back ?16.90 in change!

It turned out the cashier had entered ?20.10 as the amount tendered. It 
was sorted out in the end.

Sometimes its easier not to be bother making the figures come out better.