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Old Man Yells At Cloud

Different view, I guess. I'm glad all the young Javascripters have that 
issue. As an old guy trying to re-learn more python it gives me an 
advantage. I'm usually interested in the best thislanguage-native way to 
do something. Doing so makes me learn the language faster and tends to 
generate better code.

That said, I'll often steal what I've learned before to understand the 
new. Some helpful folks on IRC asked why I was using getopt instead of 
argparse. Mostly because I come from a bash background. Looking at 
Python's argparse would have stumped me if I hadn't already done the 
same thing with Ruby's argparse.

I'm still trying to figure out how to convert a string to unicode in 
Python 2. I've done it in Ruby 1.8.7 so I assume Python 2 can do it and 
that I'm just a bit slow.