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How do I check all variables returned buy the functions exists

On Sat, 16 Sep 2017 01:43 am, Ganesh Pal wrote:

> I have a function that return's x  variables  How do I check if all the the
> values returned  are not None/False/0/''
> value1, value2 , value3 = return_x_values()
> # check if its not none
> # I think this can be better
> if value1 and value2 and value3 :
>    print "continue with the program"

values = return_x_values()
if all(values):
    print "continue"
    print "at least one value was falsey"

If you want to test for None specifically:

if any(v is None for v in values):
    print "at least one value was None"

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