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Question about modules documentation

On 09/15/2017 09:25 AM, Stefan Ram wrote:> Tobiah <toby at tobiah.org> writes:
>> 	Modules can import other modules. It is customary but not
>> 	required to place all import statements at the beginning
>> 	of a module (or script, for that matter). The imported
>> 	module names are placed
> ..
>> When it refers to 'the imported module names' it sounds as though
>> it is referring to the top level variables and functions in the
>> imported module.
>    A "module name" usually is the name of a module.
>    When someone uses "module name(s)" it does /not/ sound as
>    if he is using it to mean "the top level variables and
>    functions in the named module(s)".
>    Since the preceding sentence uses the plural "import statements",
>    the next sentence has to use the plural "module names".

'next sentence' is the operative piece.  I think that if the bit
about placement was moved to the end of the paragraph the whole thing would
be more readable and I wouldn't have stumbled on it.