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Question about modules documentation

In this doc:


Near the top it states:

	Modules can import other modules. It is customary but not
	required to place all import statements at the beginning
	of a module (or script, for that matter). The imported
	module names are placed in the importing module?s global
	symbol table.

When it refers to 'the imported module names' it sounds as though
it is referring to the top level variables and functions in the
imported module.  This is not the case as far as I can tell.

If bar.py has a function bar() and in foo.py I do:

	import bar

of course this fails.  I have to do:
	import bar

I know it would work if I went:
	from bar import *

but that feature is only introduced in the next section
of the doc.

It seems that if the statement read:

	the imported module's name (singular) is placed in the
	importing module's global symbol table.

That it would be more accurate.