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Creating a python client for an external service advice

ivan77 <ivanjankovic777777 at gmail.com> writes:
> I would like to create a Python module/client library for a data visualization service that I use (and will be using more) as my first larger contribution to open source Python.

What kind of service is this "data visualization service"?
Is it a library, destined to be linked to an application?
Is it a web service, accessed via an internet protocol? Which one?

> I have not come across any best practices for this, and am wondering whether there are some resources that you may know of.  

This highly depends on the kind of service and how its API
is described.

If it is a library, you make be able to use one of the many
tools that create a binding from C/C++ header files.
If it is a WSDL described web service, you can use a SOAP/WSDL client
library (e.g. "suds") to directly access the service.