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On 9/13/2017 3:09 PM, Grant Edwards wrote:

> I tried to write a small (but non-trivial) Tcl app once[1], and would
> happily vote to bury Tcl and then might even dance on its grave.
> Tkinter, OTOH, is great for small, simple GUI apps -- with a few
> caveats:
>   1. You have to grit your teeth because you know there's a Tcl
>      interpreter buried in the details.
>   2. When you package up a trivial Tkinter application using something
>      like py2exe, it balloons up to a ginormous size (way larger than
>      the equivalent app written using wxPython).  I assume this is
>      caused largely by 1.
>   3. No matter how hard you try, Tkinter apps always look a bit
>      foreign.  I've just given up trying to them to look like native
>      apps: it doesn't work, and it annoys the mule.

Relative to past Windows, Win 10 looks a bit foreign.  On Windows, tk 
pretty much uses native widgets.  The ttk versions are a bit better on 
Windows, definitely better on linux, and apparently even more better on 
Mac.  Did you use them?

> [1] After wasting several days fighting with TCL's quoting sematics, I
>      gave up and wrote the app in Scheme (and was done in a couple
>      hours).

Terry Jan Reedy