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People choosing Python 3

On 09/10/2017 03:25 AM, Leam Hall wrote:
> From a non-rpm perspective Python 3.6.2 compiles nicely on CentOS 6.
>  Once compiled it seems easy to use pip3 to install stuff without 
> trampling on the OS's Python 2 install.

In the last place I worked, our servers usually did not have compilers
installed (per policy), and installing from a non-RPM source was
strongly discouraged.  The reason for this is security and configuration
management.  We allowed certain repositories, such as EPEL.  And for
custom software we'd build our own RPMs for distribution to the servers.

Looking forward, snap or flatpak may well come into play in the next
version of RHEL. Also deploying apps in docker images also is becoming
standard in the enterprise. All of these things make it much easier to
run a newer version of Python to support an application or server
process, in a manage-able way.