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The Incredible Growth of Python (stackoverflow.blog)

Paul Rubin <no.email at nospam.invalid> writes:

> Are there actually Py3 codebases?  I guess there must be, even though
> I've never seen one.

You also know it to be the case, unless you think *every* person is a
liar who has told you in the past that they are working on a Python 3
code base.

> Every Python codebase of any size that I know of is Py2. So yes, of
> course they're working on a Py2 codebase.

The obvious lesson there is: Don't take the limits of your own immediate
experience as limiting the totality of all experience.

> That's the only kind there is, as far as I know.

That simply isn't true, unless you think it more likely everyone who
discusses their Python 3 code base is lying.

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