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On 2017-09-13 14:33, leam hall wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 8:28 AM, Stefan Ram <ram at zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
>>   I presume that "tkinter" is intended to be pronounced
>>   "logically":
>> T K inter (tee kay inter /ti keI In t%/)
>>   . But it would be faster to pronounce it
>> T kinter (tee kinter /ti kIn t%/)
>>   . So far I've only ever read it, never heard it.
>>   But while I am aware that the logical pronunciation should
>>   be the correct one, I actually like the faster one.
> I heard a speaker mention GvR by name and it took me a bit, and IRC, to
> find out the Dutch pronunciation is different from the American. I've seen
> his name lots, hadn't heard it.

I found it very distressing the first time I heard some American
pronounce Guido something along the lines of "GoowEEdough"...
Pronouncing the BDFL's name the Italian way is reasonable; pronouncing
the "u" is not.