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Simple board game GUI framework

Am 11.09.17 um 16:12 schrieb Paul Moore:
> Thanks for the information. That's more or less the sort of thing I
> was thinking of. In fact, from a bit more browsing, I found another
> way of approaching the problem - rather than using pygame, it turns
> out to be pretty easy to do this in tkinter.

That is good advice. Actually, I was going to suggest to look into GUI 
frameworks to understand OO and classes. GUI is one of the topics where 
OO really fits well and has practical applications.

For example, derive from an entry widget to implement a greyish "hint" 
value which vanishes when you type in something new. That thing is a 
class and there can be more than one of it in program, there you have 
instances. Or an entry which does autocompletion on a list of predefined 
values when you hit tab or enter. Useful, and obviously you need 
different instances for different input fields, hence objects.

In some other more statically compiled languages, OO is shoehorned into 
everything ("abstract factory" and that stuff), because virtual calls 
are the only way to get dynamic behaviour / late binding. In Python you 
use OO only in places where it really makes sense.