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Using Python 2

On Tue, 12 Sep 2017 20:22:30 -0700, Rick Johnson wrote:

> Gregory Ewing wrote:
>> Rick Johnson wrote:
>> > Heck, when is the last time GvR participated in any discussion
>> > outside the hermetic bubble of Python-Dev or Python-Ideas?
>> I'd hardly call python-ideas "hermetic". Anyone is free to post there
>> and participate in discussions.  Python-dev is open to anyone too, the
>> only difference is that python-dev intended for things that are
>> actually being worked on, whereas python-ideas is for any idea that may
>> or may not come to fruition.
> I dunno, my experiences in that group have been less than welcoming, but
> i won't beat a dead horse...

Why ever not? You beat all the other dead horses.

"Python is doomed if you don't listen to me."

"Python is doomed because of type hinting."

"Python is doomed because of async."

"Python is doomed because of Python 3."

"Python is doomed because watermelon colourless sleep kumquat."

>> If you want to interact with Guido, you need to go to a list he
>> frequents. You can't expect him to personally reply to every issue on
>> every python-related list and group. That would be more than a
>> full-time job for anyone.
> I'm not so much interested in talking with Guido personally, i would
> just like to see him participate in more areas of this community instead
> of keeping himself all couped-up in those "members only" forums.

Python-Dev and Python-Ideas are no more "members only" than Python-List 
(this forum). As you know, because you subscribed to at least one of them 
some time ago. The only difference is that those forums have less 
patience towards bullshit. As you know, because you soon left.

Steven D'Aprano
?You are deluded if you think software engineers who can't write 
operating systems or applications without security holes, can write 
virtualization layers without security holes.? ?Theo de Raadt