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Using Python 2

Gregory Ewing wrote:
> Rick Johnson wrote:
> > Heck, when is the last time GvR participated in any
> > discussion outside the hermetic bubble of Python-Dev or
> > Python-Ideas?
> I'd hardly call python-ideas "hermetic". Anyone is free to
> post there and participate in discussions.  Python-dev is
> open to anyone too, the only difference is that python-dev
> intended for things that are actually being worked on,
> whereas python-ideas is for any idea that may or may not
> come to fruition.

I dunno, my experiences in that group have been less than
welcoming, but i won't beat a dead horse...

> If you want to interact with Guido, you need to go to
> a list he frequents. You can't expect him to personally
> reply to every issue on every python-related list and
> group. That would be more than a full-time job for
> anyone.

I'm not so much interested in talking with Guido personally, i
would just like to see him participate in more areas of this
community instead of keeping himself all couped-up in those
"members only" forums. I see no need for the Python
community to be purposefully stratified into social classes.
But i cannot help but feel that some folks in this community
have declared themselves members of an aristocracy.