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The Incredible Growth of Python (stackoverflow.blog)

Steve D'Aprano wrote:
> Leam Hall wrote:
> > But if someone comes onto the list, or IRC, and says they
> > need to stay on Python 2 then please drop the dozens of
> > e-mails and comments about upgrading.
> [...]
> > My recent experience with some people's inability to take
> > "Sorry, I can't" for an answer has been a real turn-off. I
> > have requirements that dictate Python. If this was a
> > personal venture I'd already be elsewhere purely because
> > the Python community on the list and IRC is so
> > unwelcoming.
> Leam, I've defended people choosing to remain on older
> versions of Python, even as old as 1.5. The most recent was
> just a couple of minutes ago, in my response to Chris. It's
> not nice or friendly of you to tar the entire community
> with a reputation because of one or two people saying
> something you don't want to debate.  

It is easy to forget that the attack dogs on this list (and
over at Python-ideas) do not represent the opinion of the
entire Python community. The majority of Python programmers
never even participate on these forums, and the majority of
those who _do_ participate, tend to follow along with the
one-sided politics out of fear of loosing access to help. 

So i am not surprised that Leam has formed this opinion of
the entire community based on the behavior of a small, but
highly vocal and aggressive, minority. Chris is usually very
knowledgable and helpful when he sticks to technical issues,
but Python3 has flipped an emotional switch in his brain,
and now he's on some sort of religious crusade, considering
anyone who refuse to adopt Python3, as his mortal enemy.

> But it isn't all about you. Just because you started this
> thread -- oh wait, you didn't *wink* -- doesn't mean you
> control its direction. If people want to discuss the pros
> and cons of upgrading, without specifically badgering you,
> you should remember that *it isn't about you* and don't
> take it personally.

True, but it would be more considerate to start a new thread
titled: "Pros and Cons of Upgrading to Python3", at least
that way, Leam wouldn't get the feeling that everyone has
turned their backs and are talking about him while still in
the same "room". Plus, there is the whole "stay on topic"
thing to consider...