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mutiprocessing gui

Antoon Pardon <antoon.pardon at vub.be> writes:
> When one wants to combine multithreading and gui programming
> all sorts of issues arise. So I wonder how one might combine
> multiprocessing with gui programming.
> gui libraries typically have some registration mechanisme,
> where you can register a call back for when data is available
> on a network connection. Could one write a wrapper so that
> the multiprocessing.Queue or multiprocessing.Pipe could be
> usable like that?

The Zope application server has a similar problem.
Though not a GUI application framework, it is using a similar
architecture: a main thread with an event loop and a set of "worker"s.
when a worker has finished its work, it usually must wake up
the event loop (in this case to distribute the result).
It does this by using short messages on a socket (the event loop
in this case is an IO based event loop; thus, has means to recognize
if IO is available).