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People choosing Python 3

On 2017-09-10 05:42, Chris Warrick wrote:
> RHEL?s release process starts at forking a recent Fedora release. It
> wouldn?t make much sense for them to undo the Python 3 progress that
> happened over the past few years in Fedora ? including dnf, an
> improved package manager written in Python 3. If the fork happened
> today, the base release would be Fedora 26, which includes Python 3.6,
> and some install options don?t include Python 2.

It wouldn't make much sense for Red Hat to undo the Python 3 progress
that has been made in the Fedora project, but this is exactly what
happened with RHEL 7. That version is based on Fedora 19, which includes
Python 3.3 in the base install, but 3.3 is not only missing from the
default install of RHEL/CentOS 7, it's not even available in default
package repositories. I was rather surprised and annoyed about this, and
can't wait until "Python 3 isn't part of the base install of RHEL" to
not be a valid complaint/excuse anymore.


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