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Simple board game GUI framework

I'm doing some training for a colleague on Python, and I want to look
at a bit of object orientation. For that, I'm thinking of a small
project to write a series of classes simulating objects moving round
on a chess-style board of squares.

I want to concentrate on writing the classes and their behaviour, and
not on display issues, but I would like it if the resulting program
was reasonably interesting. To that end, I was thinking of putting
together a frontend that displayed the objects moving round on a board
(rather than, for example, just printing out lists of co-ordinates).
I'd build the frontend, then my student could write the object classes
and drop them into the framework.

My problem is that I've never written any sort of game code for
Python, which is basically what this is. And I don't have a lot of
time to develop something. So I was wondering - are there any
ready-made examples of the sort of driver I'm thinking of? Something
like a framework for a Chess or Othello game, but with the actual game
logic isolated so I could easily rip it out and replace it with my
own. I've done some searching around, but most of the examples I've
seen seem to have the display and game logic intermingled (at least to
my untrained eye).

Any suggestions? If not, I guess I'll just have to write my own. I'm
sure I could - it's just that I don't want my training to be messed up
because of bugs in my code...