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Python in Perspective

On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 3:08:51 AM UTC+5:30, bream... at gmail.com wrote:
> On Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 11:21:26 AM UTC+1, Leam Hall wrote:
> > y'all,
> > 
> > My god-kids and their proginators lost most everything because of 
> > Harvey. I spent much of yesterday worrying about a friend who had gone 
> > quiet as he evacuated his family ahead of Irma.
> > 
> > Please keep Python in perspective. Whether we use 1.5 or 4rc1 is a lot 
> > less critical than using Python to work together well and solving big 
> > problems as friends.
> > 
> > In years gone by I spent time on the soapbox but never came away cleaner 
> > or with stronger friendships. I just ranted and spent years wondering 
> > why nothing actually changed. Please don't make my mistake; come up with 
> > your own.
> > 
> > Together. As friends.
> > 
> > Leam
> What do you have to say about the people who die every year in the monsoon, as they are dying right now, as opposed to the occasional hurricane that hits the richest nation in the world?  Will Trump the Chump cure all the worlds ills, or is he too busy looking after his highly paid mates in the oil and gas industries, who are actively paying for the education system in some US states to the detriment of facts, as in there is no man made global warming?

Dont know whether to laugh or to weep