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People choosing Python 3

Stephan Houben <stephanh42 at gmail.com.invalid>:

> Op 2017-09-10, Marko Rauhamaa schreef <marko at pacujo.net>:
>> As an application developer, I can't make the customers depend on EPEL.
>> It's Python2 until the distro comes with Python3.
> Why not bundle the Python interpreter with your application?
> It seems to work for Windows developers...

I've seen that done for Python and other technologies. It is an
expensive route to take. Also, it can be insecure. When vulnerabilities
are found, they are communicated to the maintainers of, say, Python.
When Python is fixed and released, the vulnerability is revealed, but
the version bundled with your product is still broken. You have to be
prepared perform an emergency release of your product and hope you don't
mess things up.