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Python in Perspective

On 2017-09-10 12:21 PM, Leam Hall wrote:
> y'all,
> My god-kids and their proginators lost most everything because of 
> Harvey. I spent much of yesterday worrying about a friend who had gone 
> quiet as he evacuated his family ahead of Irma.
> Please keep Python in perspective. Whether we use 1.5 or 4rc1 is a lot 
> less critical than using Python to work together well and solving big 
> problems as friends.
> In years gone by I spent time on the soapbox but never came away cleaner 
> or with stronger friendships. I just ranted and spent years wondering 
> why nothing actually changed. Please don't make my mistake; come up with 
> your own.
> Together. As friends.
> Leam
I agree. Don't get too caught up in these things. :)

Hope all goes well mate and that things get better for you and your 
reletives and friends.