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Using Python 2

On Friday, September 8, 2017 at 9:22:52 AM UTC-5, leam hall wrote:
> To say Python 2 is old is true. 

Old? Yes. Ancient? BS!

> What does it matter though? Unless Python 3 provides a
> business value for spending lots of time and money to
> change then "old" doesn't matter.

If the code performs the function it was intended to
perform, and does so in a time-frame that is acceptable to
you and your clients, then migrating it is absolute
foolishness. Old code is less buggy than new code, and
migration will only create new bugs where none existed

Don't listen to these religious fanatics. 

New is not always better, nor preferred.

Anecdote: My ex-GF would run out and buy a new phone, a new
computer, or some other stupid gadget or another every time a
slick advert told her to do so, and i would try to explain
to her: "Listen babe, it's just a new shade of lipstick on a
pig!" -- but she wouldn't listen. She had to have the new
thing just because it was _new_. And they wonder how
Microsoft made billions! #_o