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Design: method in class or general function?

On Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 7:35:45 AM UTC-5, Ben Finney wrote:
> Another, more compelling, reason to follow [Steven's]
> advice: Python 2 is in maintenance-only mode and will
> receive no support at all in a few years. 

So what? The OP may not be the type who needs to have his
diaper changed. Believe it, or not, there are people in this
world who are actually self-reliant. I know. It's difficult
to believe. But it's true!

> It is a dead end.

Says you.

> Python 3 is actively developed and will be supported indefinitely.

"indefinitely"? Such a word hardly inspires a feeling of
confidence in me!

> Beginners today should prefer Python 3 unless they know
> that they must remain on older versions, and even then
> should correct whatever is keeping them from moving to the
> actively-developed language.

And are you willing to volunteer your time to migrate the
OP's libraries? Talk is cheap. Sometimes, practicality beats
purity... (hmm, i just know i heard that somewhere!)