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Design: method in class or general function?

On Thu, 7 Sep 2017 07:20 pm, Leam Hall wrote:

> OOP newbie on Python 2.6.

Python 2.6 is ancient, and is missing many nice features. You should consider
using the latest version, 3.6.

> I create instances of Character class with an attribute dict of
> 'skills'. The 'skills' dict has the name of a skill as the key and an
> int as a value. The code adds or modifies skills before outputting the
> Character.
> Is it better design to have a Character.method that takes a 'skill' key
> and optional value or to have a general function that takes an instance,
> a dict, a key, and an optional value?

I'm afraid your example is too generic for me to give an opinion. Do you
literally mean a method called "method"? What does it do?

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