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execfile and import not working

Friedrich Rentsch wrote:

> Hi, I am setting up Python 2.7 after an upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04, a
> thorough one, leaving no survivors. Everything is fine, IDLE opens,
> ready to go. Alas, execfile and import commands don't do my bidding, but
> hang IDLE. All I can do is kill the process named "python" from a bash
> terminal. IDLE then is still open, says "=== RESTART: Shell ===" and is
> again ready for action. It works interactively, but no imports . . .
> What could be the problem?

Close idle completely (or kill the idle process), then start it from the 
command line, with an empty PYTHONPATH variable and from an empty directory.

$ killall idle
idle: no process found
$ mkdir empty
$ cd empty

Does the problem persist?